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Video Production Services

Choose from an array of custom video services that are hand tailored just for you.

Music Videos

We bring your music to life.

CTM Music Video Packages

Standard Music Video 

Every song deserves a video. But every visual doesn’t need to be so laborious to produce. Sometimes its the simplest videos that go viral. Our standard music video package is what you need when you don’t want to spend a fortune on your video. We pick out at a couple locations, then we go have fun filming for up to 3 hours. Cost $600. *Must be shot in Miami Dade. *Each additional hour cost $100.

Conceptual Music Video 

For those of you looking for a more professional cinematic approach. We create scripted out conceptual music videos with models, actors, props, production crews, lighting equipment, camera stabilizers, drones, behind the scenes and anything else you can imagine. Each video is planned out precisely then produced with nothing but the latest state of the art technology. This is the package you choose if your trying to make something unforgettable. Cost $1500-$10,000

Modeling Videos

Sexy artistic eye candy.

CTM Modeling Video Packages

Model Video 

You have a passion for modeling and being in front of the camera but your tired of taking the same old pictures, you need something more exciting. Thats when you turn to video. We create irresistible artistic modeling visuals. Good thing you found us. Cost $500-$1500

Modeling Video+Photo 

Trying to build a following is much easier when you have professional content. You should constantly be updating your portfolio with new photos, and video as well. The better your content, the more of an edge you’ll have over others. Our modeling video/photo package is perfect for those of you trying to pursue a long lasting career modeling. Cost $1500-$2500

Event Coverage Videos

You spend all that time putting together your special event, wouldn’t it be nice to have it captured on video?

CTM Event Coverage Packages

Video Recap

Birthday parties. Club performances. Baby showers. Sporting events. Corporate events. You spend all that time putting together your event, wouldn’t it be nice to have it on video? Cost $150 per hour. *Video editing included.

Advanced Coverage

Extensive coverage with multiple camera operators and professional audio. Top quality production as you would see on TV. Contact us for a quote.

Commercial, Infomercial & Explainer Videos

The most effective way to sell products and services or spread your message is thru video. 

CTM Commercial, Infomercial and Explainer Video Packages

Web Commercial

You have a awesome product or service and you need the world to know about it, but you don’t have a huge budget to work with. Oh yea and your in a hurry. No worries. We got you covered. Cost $500-$750

Advanced Commercial

You want your product or service to stand out from the competition and your tired of seeing the same things. We totally understand. We feel the same. You need to take it up a notch and create something thats going to catch people’s attention. Cost $1000-$5000

Wedding Video

You waited your whole life for this day. Let us capture the moment.

CTM Wedding Video Packages

Wedding Documentary

Single high definition video camera operator documenting your special day for 4 hours which is then edited into a 45-75 minute video with nothing but the best moments.  Cost $800. *Each additional hour cost $100.

A Love Story

You waited your whole life for this special day. You want to remember every single moment of it. You require more than just a regular wedding video, you need your own camera crew for the day with 2-3 cameras filming at all times. We have the experience and team to make this happen. Cost $2000-$10,000

All Other Video Inquires

If your seeking a custom video production, or you have footage that needs to be edited, or you need a videographer, or you would like us to travel to you, get in contact with us, we do it all.

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