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Video Services

Music Videos

The best way to get your song out is by creating your own Music Video.

CTM Music Video demo available below.

CTM Music Video Packages

Freestyle Music Video 

The same way you freestyle a song, we freestyle the video. Not much planning to it, we just do it! Pick out 2-3 cool locations in Miami and lets shoot! Freestyle videos are shot in high definition within 3 hours. Cost $500. Each additional hour cost $100.

Movie Music Video 

For those of you looking for a more cinematic approach. We create movie like scripted out music videos with models, actors, production crews, lighting, drones, props, behind the scenes and much more. Each video is carefully crafted to match your song. High definition, 2k, 4k, and slow motion cameras available. Cost $1000-$5000

Wedding Video

You waited your whole life for this day. Make sure you document it.

CTM Wedding Video demo available below.

CTM Wedding Video Packages

Wedding Documentary

Single high definition video camera operator documenting your special day for 4 hours which is then edited into a 45-75 minute video with nothing but good times.  Cost $600. Each additional hour cost $100.

A Love Story

You waited your whole life for this special day. You want to remember every single moment of it. You require more than just a regular wedding video, you need your own reality show for the day with 2-3 cameras filming at all times. We have the experience and team to make this happen. Cost $1500-$5000

Event Documentary Videos

Your birthday is right around the corner. You have a performance coming up at the club. Your company is hosting a special event. Times like this call for video documentation.

CTM Documentary demo available below.

CTM Event Documentary Packages

Documentary Video

Birthday parties. Club performances. Baby showers. Sporting events. Corporate events. Everything should be documented these days. Cost $150 per hour. Video editing included.

Advanced Documentary

Multiple camera operators, professional audio, professional lighting. Top quality production as you would see on TV. Contact us for a quote.

Commercial, Infomercial & Explainer Videos

The most effective way to sell products and services or spread your message.

CTM Explainer Video sample available below.

CTM Commercial, Infomercial and Explainer Video Packages

Web Commercial

You have a awesome product or service and you need the world to know about it, but you don’t have a huge budget to work with. Oh yea and your in a hurry. We got you. Cost $400-$750

Advanced Commercial

You want your product or service to stand out from the competition and your tired of seeing the same things. We totally understand. We feel the same. Lets take it up a notch and create something different. Cost $1000-$5000

For all other video production inquiries, contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Photography Services

Great images make the difference. 

CTM Photography samples available below.

CTM Photoshoot Packages

Studio Photoshoots

Artist. Models. Families. Products. Corporations. Everyone can benefit from a professional studio photoshoot. Cost $200-$1000 Image correcting included.

On Location Photoshoots

Pick out a nice location and lets shoot! We provide portable lighting, hair and make up artist, props, and whatever else is needed to get the job done. Cost $200-$1000 Image correcting included.

Wedding Photography

The most memorable photos you will ever take, will be at your wedding. I know you remember your parents wedding pictures. Now its time for yours. Cost $500-$1500 

Event Photography

Put down the cell phones. Let our team of experienced photographers capture your event in top quality. We know the angles. We see the moments. All we need is the date and location. Cost $100 per hour

For all other photography inquiries, contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Website Services

Every company, artist, model, and or brand needs a website. 

CTM Website samples available below.

CTM Website Packages

Info Websites

 Artist. Models. Corporations. Blogs. We build all types of websites. Cost $500-$2000

E-Commerce/Online Store

You have product. We have the capability of creating you a e-commerce website which allows you to reach billions of people you would of never came in contact with otherwise.  Cost $1000-$3000

For all other website inquiries, contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Monthly Media Management

Media is the future. If you plan to succeed in business or branding you need media, and lots of it to keep up with todays high demand. We offer multiple media management packages which allow you to strategically release quality content weekly if not daily.

Contact us for more information regarding media management package deals.

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